Sunday, November 9, 2008

36 WEEKS, 28 DAYS, 9 MONTHS! Take Your Pick!

Entering my 9th month, 36th week or only 28 days left until December 7th, 2008. I can't hardly wait. I spent a very relaxing weekend working on Brooklyn's nursery. Nick and I painted her little polka dots on her wall above her crib. We put her name in there. It turned out super cute. We were both happy with the outcome. Nick left me on Saturday night while the paint was drying to watch the Texas Tech/OSU game at the local sports bar. So, while he was gone I put the letters in the circles by myself. Of course when he got home I found out that the "B" & "R" was off centered. I think I got the fixed. He has a couple of things still to hang up on the wall, but we are both very happy with the way her room turned out. We have a lot of special pieces of our pasts in her room. Both of our first baby photos are in there, Nick's baby blanket that his aunt made for him, his little hand print, and a blanket that my mom made for me out of my Nana's pajamas. I have been sleeping much better at night. The past couple to days I didn't get out of bed until I wanted too. Nick was working and I had absolutely nothing going on. It was great. I go for my check up and exam on Tuesday morning. I hope the doctor will tell me that there is activity. I am ready to meet my little girl. We, well I, put off scheduling the child birth class so we go on Saturday, all day.


Brandon and Kensie Shirack said...

We have that same Zen bed for Tyler in our bedroom! He hasn't been in it yet.....he's sleeping with us in our bed! My parents say that bed is just gonna be used for a storage area because we aren't going to let Tyler get that far away from us! LOL! It does look pretty though, huh?

Can't wait to hear about your doctor's appointment! The last few weeks for me were the hardest because I'm so impatient! It'll be here before you know it!!

*valerie* said...

Oh My! So close yet so far away! I am anticipating the arrival of my new niece and can't hardly wait! I love the nursery! It's so cute! Love you sis!

Mimi said...

Her room looks Great!! Mimi will add her touches when she gets there Ha! Love Mom