Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winnie the WHO?

Trying to keep presents for Brooklyn's' birthday or Christmas has been a little hard. A couple of weeks ago while I was out and about Nick got in the surprise closet and pulled out a gift for Brooklyn. It was her gum ball machine. She liked it for a little while. When I got home that evening and looked at what she was playing with I looked over at Nick and all he could say was "It was a rough night. I had to pull out something new." Seriously! It was what it was. I could box it back up and put it away. However this weekend Brooklyn was feeling a little under the weather. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday just home hanging out and napping and just relaxing. I cleaned out the down stairs bedroom and found a X-mas gift I had put away for her. It was really cool little Winnie the Pooh rider plane. I loved it. So I thought she was such a good girl being under the weather I decided to pull it out for her. It was too cute. Now we are two gifts down for Christmas. Oh well! There are a couple of things to get for her.

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Mimi said...

You Guys are gonna have to stop that, You'll go broke fast ! Just teasing she is well worth it. But wait till she gets older and its a new car.. All My Love MOMO/MIMI