Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 Year Stats

Today I had the double please of taking both of my girls to the doctors for there check ups. I will start with Brooklyn's 2 year check up since it was in fact first and the easiest one of the day...I will say I will not schedule the check ups at the same time again or I won't go solo. Unfortunately Nick was unable to attend because he had to work so I did do it solo. Big mistake!

Dr. Ishibashi was very pleased with Brooklyn's progress, knowledge, vocabulary and just her overall. She asked Brooklyn a series of question, wheres your eyes, nose, mouth and such as she was checking her out. She knew where everything was and then Brooklyn even surprised me when Dr. I asked her where her back was and Brooklyn knew. It was pretty cute. It isn't one of the everyday things we ask her if she knows what it is, but Brooklyn knew. Then it was time for Brooklyn to jump so Dr. I asked her where the blue square on the floor was and Brooklyn failed she had no idea. So today when we got home we practiced our colors. I know she is just TWO, but Brooklyn is really smart. No seriously, it is not just because I am her mother. Brooklyn got a clean bill of health. She isn't due a scheduled visit until she is THREE.

Weights only 24 pounds. Which I believe she said was the 25th percentile.
Height 33.5 inches again the 25th percentile.
Head circumference  was 18.7 the 50th percentile.

Brooklyn did have to get a flu shot today. I took a little video of it. Pardon the screaming baby in the background London didn't do so well with her shots.

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Brandon and Kensie said...

She's SO cute! She did so good getting her shot!